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Coventry Building Society & Royal British Legion

Never coming home

Coventry Building Society.
They wanted to celebrate their 10-year partnership with the Royal British Legion.
Which just so happened to fall on the centenary of the end of World War I.
What was a brief for a press ad became much, much more.
We wanted to bring meaning to the partnership.
What could link the two organisations and the centenary itself?
We settled on Home.
Home is more than just bricks.
It’s a feeling.
A feeling that the building society wanted more people to experience and enjoy.
A feeling that over 100 years ago our brave servicemen set out to protect.
Home was the link.
So we politely questioned the brief.
And rather than a press ad
We thanked all of Coventry’s 1,223 World War I fallen by name.
A whole train station transformed into a moving tribute.
Yes, Coventry’s fallen never made it home.
But they’ll always be part of the city.

Coventry Building Society
Coventry Building Society
Coventry Building Society