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BAFTA Without You


We all know BAFTA.
They do those fancy awards.
Must cost thousands. But they’re BAFTA.
They’ll have millions behind them.
Or maybe not.
Perhaps they do more than just awards.
Like safeguarding the future of film, games and television.
Nurturing and inspiring the next generation of talent.
Giving opportunities to those who historically haven’t had them.
Be that race.
Or gender.
Or age.
That’s the real BAFTA.
And to help them raise money to redevelop their iconic 195 Piccadilly home,
that’s the BAFTA we brought to life.
We knew by focusing on the bricks and mortar wouldn’t inspire action.
But highlighting what the building represents would.
Our campaign put members at the heart of the redevelopment, showing how,
without them, the very thing they cherish more than anything
the moving-image arts – 
will disappear.

BAFTA 'Without You'
BAFTA 'Without You'
BAFTA 'Without You'
BAFTA 'Without You'
BAFTA 'Without You'
BAFTA 'Without You'
BAFTA 'Without You'