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We're proud to call her our own

Our Own

We can learn a lot about independence from our daughters.
Freedom of spirit and thought.
A complete disregard of authority.
The unrivaled joy of creating something.
That’s a pretty wonderful thing.
But somehow that wonderful thing gets lost along the way.
We lose focus.
We begin to follow the rules.
And before you know it, you’re chained to processes that stop you
doing all the things that being independent once let you.
You’re told what to sell a client because that’s where the money is.
Even if it’s not where the answer is.
You’re dancing to somebody else’s tune.
Well that's not the life we wanted.
Because when you believe the work is what matters the most
You do anything you can to remove anything that gets in the way.
We’re Daughter
An independent creative agency
We’re proud to call our own.