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“I can’t fight you,” said Goliath. “I mean, I’m all for crushing skulls but you’re teeny. Where’s the sport in that?” He let out a long, disappointed sigh.


“I suggest you hurry on home and we can all pretend this never happened.”


His opponent didn’t move.


Goliath removed his helmet and mopped his brow with an old handkerchief. He glanced over at the crowd, then leant down towards his challenger.


“Look, you seem like a nice person,” he whispered. “And I’d hate to mess up your hair as you’ve clearly made an effort. But come on now, enough’s enough.”


Goliath glanced nervously at the crowd. He knew if they didn’t see a head on a spike they’d ask for their money back.


“Well, whatever. Don’t say I didn’t…” Goliath froze as the stone shattered his skull on impact.


The girl dropped her slingshot and walked off.


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